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Sunday, May 13, 2007



I hope you didn't go to this shoot as "She-Bread" and wear your eyeliner like that guy from Poison! Sweet pics.....


Just when I thought I'd heard or seen everything from Bready, he goes all hair-metal on us. I don't know wether I'm more impressed, ashamed or scared at this latest side of your personality to surface.... ^_^


somewhere in cartoon world carl from athf is dusting of an old concert tee. contemplating plastic surgery and remembering that drunk girl who vomited in his mouth during "every rose has its thorn." carl does not realize the irony.


Bready - Solid photography work homey, real solid. You had a perfect set up with the lights and background, access to the performers, and you really took advantage. Love the Vox Amp shot (that should be an ad for them), definitely at least 5 or 6 of the band that could be in any magazine. Proud of you homey!! Poison today.....Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, and all the stars tomorrow. Keep doing your thing!!


you were "on hand," for the shoot, huh?

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