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Thursday, April 05, 2007



Nice review & glad to hear Page's band is worth exploring. Wasn't a huge fan of Vida, but looking forward to checking em out.

James Schneider

I made it to the show at Pantages in the twin cities and was a little dissapointed. They had an average performance, songs from his album, a steeler's wheel rift, and "Cars trucks and busses". What really suprised me was the audience. Some of my most memorable Phish experiances were in the Target center a block away. I expected the same type of atmosphere but was extreemly dissapointed. I highly doubt there were even 150 people in attendance. And those who were, were less than enthusiastic. It was sad to see him playing to a non-existant audiance, and i hope shows like that don't discourage him from his work.

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I like the indie rock music, that originated in the United Kingdom and one of my favorites is Smith Westerns and I'm agree with you Phish is a really good band!

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