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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Ump A Lumpa

yummy yummy grilled cheese

Ace Cowboy

Uber corporate, maybe. But that venue is BY FAR the best place to see a mid-sized show in the city. They patch the soundboard into the bathroom for chrissakes! It costs way too much to get a drink (even water), but the user-friendly experience is off the charts. Every band out there should play that room instead of the Roseland and Hammerstein.

I love the set-up there -- stage, floor, another floor, luxurious movie seats in the back with perfect views and VIPs on the sides. At UM, with all the youngins about, the first floor was the high school cafeteria, the second floor was more student union, and the people in the back were chillin' in the lounge.

Great show, though. They thoroughly rocked that place.


How do you afford your rent with all your concerts and trips to Europe? Are you male prostituting again?

We need to get Andrew online!


Soapy - think "Loverboy" the movie. Hold the anchovies.


Ace - I did enjoy the speakers in the bathroom. I particulary don't care for all of the sponsorships and corp logos plastered everywhere. But as far a musical space it is great. It's no Bowery though.


You should send me more the pictures and I'll hook them up in Photoshop as well. The new one's look nice on the site. If you ever install PS on your computer, I can totally show you how to hook them up.

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