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Friday, January 27, 2006



Thank Jah! Good selections sound bwoy...rewind selector!


Just made my way over here for the first time. Thank Jah Its Friday is genius!! Like what I am seeing here.

Best dude.

Kane From BurningOak.com

Good stuff, Harder They Come is a great movie. Any chance of some Jimmy Cliff one of these weeks? Oh and don't forget that Sublime covered "Rivers Of Babylon" at the very end of 40 Oz. To Freedom.


Hokies unite.

Harder They Come is fantastic. I first saw it in a 10th grade economics class. Amazing.

Weren't they doing a remake of that?

Liking your blog. Keep it up.


Bready - You need to check out "Rockers". That movie and soundtrack are even better than The Harder They Come....believe it or not.

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